Thursday, February 27, 2014

{A Weekend Recap}

This weekend was full of time spent with family and friends.  

It started out Friday night with our week late Valentine's date.  Neither one of us can stand the hustle and bustle of Valentine's day so we opted for a lunch date on Valentine's day and finally got to do the traditional meal.  

We headed up to Olive Garden and got there and saw the parking lot and were like holy cow.  It looked like everyone in the town decided to come and eat at Olive Garden that night. So I had a fit because we couldn't fine a parking spot and ended up having to park at another restaurant and walk.  Then we got in there around 8pm and there was still a 45 minute wait.  What is up with all these people wanting to eat out.  So we waited...and waited and finally our little buzzer went off.  We ended up having a great night and really enjoyed the food and spending time together.

Saturday I got to enjoy plenty of time in the saddle!  My cousin came over and took a ride with us.  We have so many places to ride around here and we get to enjoy the gorgeous views!

My cousin on Cole (3 yo perch/qh cross)

My cousin riding Cole and then my sister in the back riding Amos

Photo: The new bucket hat
I got a little bored while feeding horses.

I know people are tired of seeing so many sunset pictures up here but the sunset on Saturday night was to die for on the dirt rd up above the house.

Sunday we headed to church and then I got to take pictures of an adorable 1 year old and her first birthday cake!