Monday, February 10, 2014

Cara Box Exchange


I got the honor of participating in the cara box exchange with  I got to meet two awesome gals from NC.


The first girl I got to meet was Abigail from  We had a lot in common. We both definitely love our dogs and we both have alive for photography. It was awesome getting to know a fellow photographer. She is going to school for photography and I just do it for a hobby so it was fun exchanging ideas and the different types of photography that we love to do. It was so exciting receiving her box because everything in it was very though out and perfect for me! 



                                                        Opy enjoying his treats!!!!

The next girl I got to know was Caroline from It was awesome getting to know her and all her great recipes. Her family seems really sweet and she makes me look forward to when we are able to have kids of our own. She has also inspired me to eat healthier and get on a regular workout program (which I'm still working on). 

This exchange was awesome and I can't wait for the next one!





  1. Oh, that picture frame is adorable!!

    Visiting from the link up! Love seeing everyone's posts about the swap!

  2. Thanks! Your blog is very cute :-)