Friday, February 14, 2014

{Valentines Day}

Valentines day is supposed to be full of flowers, chocolates, and the most romantic card you'll ever receive.  Well at least this is what the movies but in our heads.  Don't get me wrong all of this stuff is nice but to me the most important thing is just spending it with the one you love.  It doesn't matter what you do or where you go as long as you do what you love to do together.

Being a newly wed I love spending time with my husband but its hard at times to make time with each other since he is in school and work and I'm in school and work full time also.  I hate crowds and especially having to wait 2 hours to eat somewhere.  This year valentines day falls on a Friday (one of the busiest 2 days of the week to eat out) plus Valentines.  I told my husband that we would wait and go out one day next week because I wanted a night we could enjoy and not spend it waiting in line.  So instead we met for lunch today at our favorite Pizza place in our town.  We spent a few hours together and it was really nice. I haven't gotten to see him much this week since he had to work the first three nights of the week and then we got some major bad weather (about 8" of snow).  I've been house sitting about 45 minutes away for the week so its been hard to get all the way to the house to see him but the weather put a damper on things also.  So this being the first time I've seen him all week it was really special.  

With that being said I hope everyone has had a wonderful Valentines Day with their special someone.  If you don't have that special someone, treat yourself to something that you love to do and look forward to the day when you meet that special someone and you will have a Valentines for the rest of your life!

Here are a few wedding pictures to go along with the Valentine them!


(Photos from Tmaginations)

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