Thursday, April 17, 2014

Changing Jobs

 Chris started taking classes to get his CDL to full fill a life long dream of driving a truck.  He has spent 9 long weeks going to school during the day and working at night to achieve this.  It was hard on him and both of us.  We were both in school full time and working full time.  We rarely got to spend a lot of time together but it was definitely worth it.

He started his first job on March 18 with a local company.  He currently has gotten to travel all over the United States and visit places he has only dreamed of!  He has already been to Colorado, Florida, Washington and several states up north.  I look forward to his calls where he gets so excited to tell me where he has been and what he has gotten to see.  Our time together is more valuable and we cherish the weekends when he is home and the time we get to spend together.
Here are a few pictures from his graduation!
Deep in thought before his graduation

Some of Chris's teachers and trainers during his class

Chris getting his diploma

The graduating class

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