Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 7 | Getting To Know You | If I won $100,000,000 in the lottery, I would…

If I won 100,000,000....

1. This first thing that I would do would definitely be tithe to the church.

2. After that is done my first selfish buy would be a brand new Dodge 3500 dually, flat bed, straight drive, with a sweet exhaust.  It's my dream vehicle (I know your probably thinking red neck here)
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3. Build our dream house on our farm with a barn on the bottom and our house on top.


4.  Buy some more farm land so we could raise more calves and have more horses.

5. Start a therapeutic riding program for kids with handicaps.

6. Help family members out however they need.

7. Take a dream vacation out west to a ranch where we could ride horses and hunt for several weeks AND take a trip to Ireland to visit old castles.

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