Monday, May 12, 2014

Getting To Know You Series | Day 1 | A Few Things About Myself

I was really intrigued with the "Getting to Know You Series" that Laura at Suzie Lou Blog started and so we decided to Link up and start the series!  Go check her out!

Today is the first day of a few things that you didn't know about me!

1. I can trace my family history back on my Dad's side all the way back to when they first came to America.  We have entire book written about our family called "Cousins By the Dozens"

2. My life revolves around horses and if I could have a 1000 acre farm and rescue horses and run a Theraputic Handicap Program I would. 


3. My dream job would be to work on a ranch and be a trail hand and take people out on trail rides to see the beautiful country out west.

4. I love photography and love learning everything I can about it.

5. I never thought I would ever get married.  I never thought I would be lucky enough to find someone like Chris.

6. I'm in love with Nicholas Sparks books and movies to the extent that I love to buy the soundtracks and listen to them.

7. I love to cook for large groups of people (when I have time) and have everyone over.

8. I love meeting knew people and could talk to a tree if I had to.

9. I'm a hill billy at heart because I love all types of bluegrass music and love going to bluegrass festivals and concerts all over the state.  
10. I like to take long drives up to the mtns and hit the parkway and drive for hours and get lost and find beautiful spots to take photos at.


11. I read a lot of blogs :-)

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