Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 12 | Getting To Know You Series | Daily Ritual

First thing in the morning I have to wake up :-(  There is nothing like getting to sleep in but through the week my day starts about 7AM when my alarm goes off.  But sometimes it might be closer to 730AM before I actually make it out of bed.

Then its out of bed to the shower to get ready and pick an outfit out for the day.

Opy is next on the list.  It's feeding time for him.  He is sure to let you know if you even think about forgetting.

Once I get to work its the usual sitting behind the desk but we are always busy!  This is my view for most of the day.

We usually head to a local food joint to find something good to eat for lunch.

Once off work its home to check on the farm and make sure everyone is ok and do the evening feeding.

Usually I hop on the 4 wheeler and take a spin around the pasture to make sure the fence looks good and I love watching the sunsets above the barn in the evenings.

Then I round out the evening doing homework.

This is a typical "Day in the Life" of me during the work week.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! He is a rotten mess but rules the barn!

  2. Thanks for linking up with total social! I love getting a glimpse into your day!

  3. Please tell me you sneak in a ride on the horses every once in a while? My day doesn't seem complete unless I can ride!

  4. As much as I can! It's hard sometimes being in school full time and working full time but I always try to on the weekends!

  5. That picture of the farm is gorgeous! What a pretty setting.

    1. Thanks! I love taking rides in the afternoon on the four wheeler to see everything!