Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Spin Link Up

Sunday Spin photo photo12.jpg

I found this wonderful blog - Mississippi Mrs. - just browsing through some blogs and really fell in love with her blog.  The Sunday Spin seemed like a fun way to link up and share what we do on the weekends.

I've gotten to spend this past week house sitting for three wonderful border collies!  It is always a blast to spend time with them but it sure is nice to be home in my own bed.  Having this view is definitely a perk to house sitting.

Photo: A beautiful morning on the lake! 

Friday evening I decided to go for a drive.  It is always nice living in a rural county because there is always beautiful sunsets.  I caught this one while out for a drive and couldn't resist taking a quick snap shot.

Photo: Went for a drive tonight to see the sunset.

Saturday it was raining all day so I spend my day watching Criminal Minds (which is one of my favorite TV shows ever) and Lifetime Movies.  Sometimes you just need a day under the covers and a day watching TV.  Chris had to leave back out on the truck to do a short run but Sunday's are always our days to spend together :-)

Sunday after church Me, Chris, Michaela and her boyfriend Chris, and my father inlaw all piled into my car and took off up to the mountains to look at a horse trailer and visiting waterfalls in the Pisgah National forest!

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