Wednesday, November 26, 2014

5 Different Ways to Give Back

During the Holiday seasons we get in the mind set of Thanksgiving followed by Christmas.  Meanwhile in between there we are planning get togethers with family members, shopping for Christmas presents, and decorating our houses to look like Southern Home magazine is going to do a spread about our houses.

While all of this is going on there are people that don't have family to buy for, who don't have the money to fix a fancy meal, or are unable to get out and about because of health.

We tend to let these people slip through the cracks.  But....there is something we can do!

Give to others what was so freely given to you!

1. Collect can food for a local food shelter that will provide meals for families as it gets colder outside.

2.  Assist at a local food shelter that serves meals to homeless people.

3. Invite people over for Christmas or Thanksgiving that you know won't have anyone to see on Christmas.

4. Go and visit some of the home bound members in your community or church and just sit and talk with them.

5. I've been following Nicole @ Bloom for several years now and she truly has a heart for giving.  Some friends of her have really been dealing with some loss from loosing their house in a fire and Danielle being diagnosed with cancer.  She is stepping out and following what God has laid on her heart.  So if you can give up $5 this Thanksgiving/Christmas season and give to help a family that is desperately in need!

Not to mention with giving the $5 you will automatically be entered in to win over $300 dollars in prices!  So it's a win win situation.

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