Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Morning Rambles

Well Monday Morning Rambles have turned into Monday Evening Rambles.  Sunday evening I was beat so I crashed early and didn't get to catch up with what went on this weekend.

Friday, I took the day off of work and we headed down to Raleigh for the farm show.  This is a yearly farm show that caters to the weekend farmer to the big guys.  There is every type of tractor company, logging companies, to trailers.  I can't even describe the amount of stuff there was to see and learn about.  It was really fascinating.

Growing up with my dad and uncle, we were always expected to cut wood on Saturdays.  It was from my uncle dragging the logs, to cutting them up and then stacking them up.  I found this niffty piece of equipment and thought it would solve all of our problems.  

It takes the entire log, cuts it and then splits it and even loads it onto the truck for you.  If we would have had these when we were a child, my child hood would have been amazing.

This was just a small portion of the crowds that were at the farm show.  I of course had to take a stop at the horse trailers.

I love to day dream but one day, (hopefully) I can get a horse trailer with living quarters to go camping with!

It was building after building of all different types of agriculture stuff.

After the farm show on Fridays there is a draft/mule pull.  These are always exciting to see and to see how built these horses are.  I took a ton of pictures so I will post these on a later date.

I rode back with my sister, since she lives in Raleigh, and we got back way late but it was worth it for such a fun day!

Saturday morning on the way to work there was another amazing sunrise.  

After work, I met my sister and some of her friends at Love Valley and we took an afternoon ride.  It was so nice to be back in the saddle with a 60 degree Saturday in February.  The weather was more than perfect.

On Saturday evening my dad and my future step mom invited us over for supper.  My dad is getting married in March and he wanted us to all get together and meet our new step brother and step sister.  We were really excited to welcome them to the family.  They were the most laid back and welcoming people!  I'm looking forward to getting to know them better!

Sunday was a day of church and family time along with a nice long nap.  Overall it was a great weekend and I look forward to many more just like it!

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