Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Dads Wedding

I got the chance to photograph my dad's wedding. He got married in the church that he has grown up in his entire life and also the church that my husband and I got married in.

 It was a wonderful experience to see two families coming together.  We gained a new stepbrother and stepsister.  

The church that my dad was married at.  I grew up in this church and so did my dad.

My dads best friend and my 87 year old grandmother.

My dad likes to make funny faces

My sister was in charge of the registry.

Erica is my new step sister in law

Laura is my new step sister.

My dad got a little choked up when he first saw Susan.

Susan and her brother.

Ory wanted her picture taken.

The happy married couple!

Charles (my uncle, Dad, and his best friend Danny

Dilan (step brother inlaw), Charles (uncle), Dad, Danny, and Ryan (step brother)

Dilan, Laura, Charles, Dad, Danny, Erica, and Ryan

Ryan (step brother, Susan (step mom), Laura (step sister)

Sheila (aunt), Nanny, Dad, and Charles.  My dads brother and sister and mom.

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