Friday, May 15, 2015

2 Year Anniversary Trip

The first weekend in May we set off for our 2nd anniversary weekend trip.  Last year for our first anniversary we didn't get to go anywhere because of so many job changes.  So this year we wanted to enjoy and splurge a little bit.

We took a trip to Gatlinburg, TN and found a quaint little hotel right on the river in down town Gatlinburg.  The rooms were spacious and each had their own little private deck.

We both took off on Friday so we could enjoy the entire weekend.  After we got settled in we decided to go and drive around and see everything.  I've been to Gatlinburg plenty of times but it has been a few years.  Chris hasn't been since highschool so it was fun to show him around a little bit.

We hit the Dixie Stampede because I knew this was a must.  We bought some tickets for the show later that night and also decided to try out the Hatfield and McCoy dinner show.

After exploring all afternoon we headed back to the hotel to grab a quick nap because Chris works third shift and hadn't slept all day so he was getting pretty tired.  

Before the Dixie Stampede show you can get there an hour early and enjoy an awesome bluegrass show in the carriage room along with drinks and popcorn.  Its a great way to get excited about the show.

Once the bluegrass band is done you make your way into the arena.  What is so cool about the place is you get a dinner and show all in one.  And you get to eat with your hands!

They serve you a vegetable soup, cornished hen, pork, baked potato, and corn on the cob. Then you get an apple turnover at the very end. The show consists of trick riders, a hoe down, and all types of dancing and rodeo games.  It's a great show for the entire family!

Saturday morning we woke up to the beautiful view and headed across the road for some fun roller coaster action.

The Alpine Coaster was right across the road from out hotel so we knew it was something we wanted to try.  It's pretty much a go cart on a roller coaster track.  You can control how fast you go by pushing the handle bars forward or back.

My husband doesn't even like roller coasters and wanted to ride it again.

Then we headed over to Seeverville, TN to the Smoky Mountain Knife Works store.  This place has more knives than I have ever seen.  It's three huge floors of everything knife related.  We were in the store for over two hours, but Chris was like a kid in a candy store.

The good part about it is there is a kitchen store in the basement and we slipped through there and bought a few things for the house.

At this point we were starving so we grabbed some BBQ at Buddy's BBQ and enjoyed a chocolate milkshake.

Then we stopped at the Titanic museum and got to experience what it was like to be on the ship.  This was probably one of the coolest things we got to see.

You get to walk down what the hallways actually felt like, see what the rooms look like and feel how cold the water was that night. You couldn't take pictures inside so we took a few outside.

Saturday night we headed to the Hatfield and McCoy show.  We were really excited to see a show neither one of us had seen before.

At this show you eat before the show starts but you can still eat since its all you can eat.

This show was more of a funny comedy with lots of music and good dancing.  It's definitely a crowd pleaser.

Sunday morning it was time to get up and head home.  It was a great weekend but ended way to soon.

I look forward to many more trips for many more anniversaries! 

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