Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday Morning Rambles

Memorial Day weekend around here includes paying repsects to those that have given their lives, cookouts, and spending time with family.  This year we did a little bit of all of that.

Friday night my mom and I went to grab a bit to eat at a great local Italian Restaurant and then went to see the play La Cage aux Folles. 

Saturday was spent around the house cleaning and benging on Lifetime movies.  Saturday evening Chris and I got to go out by ourselves a grab a bite to eat and spend the evening together.

Sunday we have a local Wagon Train that rides the roads around our community.  We started out with a small church service and then it was time to climb in the saddle.

Gabby & Tate taking some time in the shade.

One of the teams of mules.

Me and Teagan were getting bored so we had to take some selfies.

Some more of the wagons on the wagon train.

Monday we stayed around the farm and hit the hay field.  We haven't had a lot of rain this year so the hay was a little sparce this year.  Luckily we had put up quiet a few last year but it was nice to fill the barn back up with what we got.

I also got some home projects done around the house.  I got the nightstands in our bed room stained.  I got these at Ikea for $40 a piece in a natural finish so I could put my own stamp on it.

Monday evening I took a walk in the pasture and headed to the creek.  It was a nice peaceful evening

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