Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Monday Morning Rambles

On Friday night we grabbed a pizza and headed over to a friend's house to hang out and catch up.  She is also a massage therapist so she worked on me for a little bit.

On Saturday we worked on the fence all day long trying to get the hayfield fenced in. 

Saturday night we headed to the Dailey and Vincnet with my grandmother and father in law.  I snapped about 500 pictures but I have a bad habit of doing that lol

Sunday we got up and went to church.  After church we grabbed a bit to eat with one of his best friends and his fiance.  Then we were planning on riding but it was so cold and windy that we set up another obstacle course.

When I got home from church on Sunday Opy decided that he was going to eat the left over crums in the pizza box.  He knew he was in trouble when I got home.

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