Thursday, January 28, 2016

Snow Day Weekend

Thursday night we got pommeled with the first snow shower.  Midway through Friday we got an ice storm followed by another 5 inches of snow.  This meant a three day weekend at home with no plans and no where to go.

On Friday we went to bring the horses in to feed them and the snow just started to fall.  It just kept coming and snowed on into the night and into Saturday.

Not having any grass we had to keep plenty of hay and feed out for the cows and horses.

Then we took a short walk out into the pasture to see all of the snow.

Our cows our like dogs and will follow you everywhere.  The larger steers and heffers will follow but the 10 smaller ones are still figuring it out.  They will get it eventually.

Saturday morning we got up and had breakfest with the inlaws and then headed out to catch the steers and horses again.

I had to pull the camera out and snap a few shots.

It was a great weekend of lots of bowls of chili and potato soup.  Warm food for breakfast followed by cups of hot chocolate.  These are the weekends that make my heart happy.

The world stops when it snows and allows you time to recharge your soul.

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