Thursday, January 7, 2016

This weekend was one for the books.  It was a lot wrapped into just a few days.

On Thursday evening (New Years Eve) I headed to a friends house at Love Valley to enjoy an evening of just talking and hanging out.  Several of us sat around and talked about horse, life, and everything in between.  At midnight we turned the TV on and watched the ball drop and headed out on the front porch to listen to everyone shoot off their shot guns.

Friday was a nice lazy day around the house while the guys went hunting.  I did a little cleaning and then it was off to shoot a newborn session.  Little Callie was so cute and so easy to work with.  She had the sweetest eyes of dark blue.

On Saturday I grabbed Cole and headed over to Love Valley for a nice afternoon ride.  We spent a few hours in the saddle and then me and Chris headed off to Dodge City Steakhouse in Wilkesboro to enjoy a nice supper.  The steak was awesome and I can't wait to go back.

Sunday we headed to church and after church I headed to the valley again for a fun afternoon on an obstacle course.  We decided to set up some logs to walk across, a tarp to walk over, plastic bags blowing in the wind, a bubble machine, an umberella, and an oversized ball.  

The horses did great and didn't spook at much.  Cole did everything great until Janet brought out her mini pony Reesie and Cole did not know what to think of her.

On the way home I saw the most gorgeous sky and had to stop at the stop sign and take a quick picture.  These kind of weekends are ones that you don't forget spent with friends and family and horses.

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