Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sitting Still

Sitting still is something that I am not good at.  I do not have the patience for it and I start getting ancy.

I feel like God is making me sit and be still and I'm not happy.  I have tried to change my current state but he keeps telling me no.  I know he is pruining and waiting for something great but this in between time sucks.

Lets just get real here.  I'm a Christian and I am stubborn.  I don't want to do it God's way at times I want to do it my way.  I know there are times that we have to be patient and wait.  I'm trying to wait but it is so hard.

This is something that I have struggled with for a time.  I want to be more open and hearing what God wants me to do during this time.  I'm trying and digging into scripture to see where he leads me.  Each day he is giving me hope that change is coming.

I know he wants to do amazing things in my life and take me places that I have never been. I know that he has big plans but this waiting time stinks.

Are you in a waiting period?  Do you have any good books or scripture that will help fill this time of pruining?

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