Friday, April 15, 2016

Photography Series | Ilaria Petrucci

I'm so excited to welcome Ilaria Petrucci to the Photography Series this month. Ilaria is a free soul and captures photographs that make you feel what is going on in the moment.  She is truly an inspiration and I have enjoyed getting to know her.  Please enjoy this amazing photographer! 

What is your Name? Ilaria Petrucci (Italian, in case you are wondering )

What is the name of your blog and photography business? Ilaria Petrucci Photography

Where are you located? I am based near London but always happy to travel and explore new places. I love exploring! On my top list of places I would love to shoot a wedding at are Santorini, Tuscany and Venice!

 4. How did you get interested in photography/how long have you been
 shooting? I always have been the "paparazzi" of the group but never thought I could do this professionally. Until I worked at my first wedding ever as a third shooter and fell in love with capturing weddings straight away.
It was almost like finding my “belong to” place and since then it has been the most amazing journey!

 5. What do you shoot with (Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc) I am a canon girl.

6. What is your favorite lens? I love prime lenses, just LOVE them. I shoot weddings with my 35mm 1.4, 50mm 1.2 and 85mm 1.8. At the moment I am just so in love with my 35mm!

 7. How do you edit your photos? I learn from very earlier on to get it right in camera rather than relying on editing. That's where my strength is, in shooting, not in photoshop. My editing is very minimal as I like to keep my images as real and natural as possible. I am not a fun of filters and special post production effect, I just use light when shooting to give me everything I need.
Post production I do most of the editing in Lightroom and final adjustments in Photoshop if needed.

 8. What is your favorite type of photography to shoot? I want to photograph love and connections, intimacy and in the moment-moments. I love to photograph people, people and more people!

 9. How did you find out about the FCA? A beautiful fellow photographer and friend of mine recommended it to me and she talked about it with so much excitement she totally enrolled me into looking into it and when I did, I loved it and still do.

 10. What does the FCA mean to you and how has it helped you grow your business? I am still one of the newest members and only at Module 3 but so far it has given me huge insights into what type of business I really want to create and pushed me to have the courage to pursue it. Everyone in the Facebook group is so lovely and really always happy to help and share, which is refreshing!

 11. What are some good tips for upcoming photographers that are trying
 to get started in the business? My tip would be to forget about what everyone else is doing and do YOU. There is no right or wrong, if there was, what would be the point? Create a business that is an extension of you and who you are. It is so easy to lose yourself into looking through endless “inspiration” online. I found that nothing would kill my real inspiration more than looking for it in someone else’s work. When I first started I would turn up to a shoot with a lot of images in my mind only to go completely blank as soon I started shooting. Now, I turn up with myself and with my words in my mind and this allow me to be fully self-expressed and create work that comes from me rather than being a copy of other peoples work.

 12. Be creative and let your juices flow.  Is there anything fun about
 the type of photography that you do/what drives you to do
 photography.  To me, photographing people is my way to spread beauty in the world. To show people how beautiful they really are and to create images that will make you fall in love with everything about you and your life over and over again. That make you recall memories and emotions, a moment that you couldn’t recall otherwise.
This is the gift I was to be and give to my couples.

 13. Facebook:
     Instagram: @ilaria_petrucciphoto
     Twitter: @ilariaphoto_

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