Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A day on the farm

This weekend we got to enjoy some time on the farm.  Saturday we had to spend most of the day inside because it was cold and rainy all day.  Sunday after church it was in the high 30s and sunny so we took the dogs for a walk and headed out to put some hay out for the cows and horses.

 This is Harry one of our 2 year old Jersey steers...(He's my favorite :-))

This is Daisy our Great Pyrenees puppy.  She is only 6 months old and
 close to 70 lbs 

This is my father inlaw and Daisy enjoying the weather. 

The cows coming up and enjoying the hay.  The horses work lagging behind lol.

They are very fat and happy!

Its amazing how refreshing an afternoon spent on the farm can be.

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