Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Small Act of Kindness

There is a kind lady that I have been following for a good while over at HAPPY IS A CHOICE.  Brittany has really inspired me with her post about GENEROUS GIVING

Everyday we live our lives thinking about us.  A lot of times we forget that there are others around us that are hurting or are in need.  A lot of times we default to financial help, which there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but sometimes all a person needs is a small gesture and it could turn their world around.

A small kind gesture could include:

  • Saying hello to someone
  • Just smiling at someone as you pass by
  • Leaving a small note for a friend or family member
  • Buying someones meal that is behind you in the line at the fast food joint
  • Just ask someone how their day is
  • Sitting down and having a conversation with someone

My grandmother is a young 86 year old lady and gets around better than some 25 year olds that I know.  She loves her family and more than anything she loves when people just come by and spend time with her.  I visit with her frequently and we can sit and talk for hours about bluegrass, people we know, and the Lord.  She always will give me advice to help me in my everyday life and marriage.  Her words are kind and she speaks from experience.  You can hear the love in her voice and the excitement when I ask for her advice.  These times I will not be able to get back when she has passed on and will cherish this time spent with her. Visit an elderly friend or grandparent that you don't see often for they will not be around forever.  They will cherish the time with you and I promise it will make your day.

So when you begin your day tomorrow take some time and think about the people around you.  Think about telling someone how they have inspired you or just a simple hello.  I guarantee you will have a better outlook on the day and the person that you helped will also!!

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