Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Beating the Blues

Beating the Blues

Keep Calm and BEAT  THE BLUES Poster

I've been doing a bible study (Daily Devotional) on my phone and this morning really hit home.  Sometimes you just need to slow down and enjoy life.  We get so busy trying to get some where and forget to stop and enjoy the simple things.  They gave some great tips to just take a few moments to enjoy life so I thought I would share them!

1. Count your blessings: Expressing gratitude does wonders to lift your spirit.  There is spiritual power in praise that can counterbalance whatever is weighing on you.

This is something that I need to do more often.  I get busy and get discouraged because something isn't going right.  If I would slow down and look around and be thankful for what I have.

2. Get in touch with Jesus: He loves and cares for you and He's got the solution to every problem.  Talk to Him about how you feel; read God's word; bolster your faith by holding on to promises from His word.

There are times I get so caught up and forget that God is there to listen to us.  All I have to do is talk to him!

3. Do something good for someone else: Reaching out to others not only helps that person, but it lifts your spirit at the same time.

Doing something for someone else will always benefit you in the long run.  Simple as smiling at someone and asking how their day was or serving a meal to someone who is hungry.

4. Take a break: Stop everything and go for a walk, sit somewhere relaxing, or take in a nature scene or favorite picture.  Meditate on the beautiful things in life.

Just taking a walk through the pasture and watching the horses and cows eating and just listening to nature can really turn my day around.

5. Sing a happy song or listen to one: A song of praise to God can draw you closer to Him and fill your heart with gratitude and peace.

Rolling the windows down in the summer time and jamming to my favorite bluegrass or old country music is very relaxing.  It just brings out the inner singer (car singer) in me.

6. Exercise: Physical exercise releases endorphins, "feel good" hormones that help to calm the mind and redirect thoughts and energy away from worries and concerns.

I'm starting to get more active.  A close couple of friends are getting together and walking 3 nights a week around our little town.  Its fun catching up and seeing the town I grew up in.

7. Laugh out loud: "A merry heart does good, like medicine." Don't take life or yourself to seriously. Read, watch, or think about something funny. Talk to someone who is fun to be around.

There is nothing like a good laugh.  It always clears my mind and makes me forget what I might have been upset about.

8. Spend time with your children: Children have so much love to give, and their cheerfulness, resilience, and simplicity can help put your own problems in perspective.

I don't have children yet but we have a wonderful blue heeler named Opy. He is like our child and he can bring joy to any sad time.  He is always happy to see us when we get home and is always bouncing off the walls, even if he just got in trouble a few minutes before.

9. Spruce up your surroundings: A clean room, a nice view, a small home improvement, or even good lighting can lift your mood.

A clean room is always the best.  When all the laundry is done, fresh sheets on the bed, and the smell of a clean room can make me in a better mood in a heart beat.  It also lets me take out some of my frustrations while cleaning!

10. Get enough sleep: Problems are easier to deal with when you are well rested.A large sleep deficit can magnify problems and make you feel lousy.

I'm a big believer in this one. When I don't get enough sleep I don't feel good and I don't function well either.  I have to have about 8 hours minimum to be fully functional during the day.

11. Smile: Smiling even when you don't feel like it has a positive effect on your spirit.  Keep it up, and you will soon be seeing the world in a brighter light.

If your having a bad day just remember a good time and smile.  It will change your mood in an instant and will take you to a place that made you happy!

Hope this will help if your having a blue day!

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