Monday, January 27, 2014

Meet the farm animals {Part 3}

Last but not least we have the steers.  My husbands family has lived on this farm for 3 generations.  He has always raised Jersey and Holstein steers. 

We raise and sell hamburger meat and steaks.  Our steers are raised on a grass diet and hay in the winter.  They are not pumped full of steroids like they are in a feed lot.  We enjoy spending time on the farm and our steers are a big part of the family!


This is Harry my favorite. It will be a sad day on the farm when we have to send him off :-( But we will enjoy the time that we do have with him!

This is a young harry on the far right.  He is such a cutie and the first one to meet you in the pasture.

Me and Harry last summer.  He loves attention!

These are the last 3 Holsteins that we got.  They are about 12 weeks old here.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know some of the animals on our farm!


  1. What great pictures! I especially like the one of them all sitting by the fence. Did you edit these pics? I feel like I want to give Harry a big hug! Hope yall stay warm tonight!

  2. Actually a couple of these I took with my phone. Sometimes we are out in the pasture and I don't always have my camera with me so I just have my phone to grab some pictures. Harry is so photogenic and because he won't be around forever I'm trying to get as many pictures of him as I can. He sure will be missed. We will try. We have a fire going and its good and toasty in the house. Hope yall stay warm also and you get your gas logs working!