Monday, July 14, 2014

Another Wonderful Weekend

I've been following this amazing lady Erin James and she is truly an inspiration.  She writes, sings, and is amazing at everything that she does.  Check out her post Laze L Farm about the blog.  It was so exciting getting to know her better over the last month!


I've been trying really hard to blog as much as life will let me.  With being in school full time to working full time and keeping up things on the farm I barely have time to think.

Stayc over at Lacy & Crew made me not feel so bad for not blogging.  Life just gets you by the tail sometime and time passes so fast.

But this weekend was spent mostly doing homework and trying not to drown in test and papers.  Friday night my sister was in town so I worked on homework until she got to the house and we took a trip to town to hit up Maurices.  If you've never shopped at Maurices I highly suggest it.  They have all types of clothes and is truly by far one of my favorite stores to shop at.


After a few minutes  hours spent shopping (I mean we closed the store down and then some) we finally got what we wanted and headed for the check out.  It's gotten so bad shopping here that when I say I went to Maurices my husband just roles his eyes and just says, "What did you get this time?"

Kate started working a few hours a way and doesn't get to come home as often as she used to and she decided that she wanted to hit up Olive Garden.  So we headed for Olive Garden and then it was back home to finish up a test and tie up a few odd and ends of homework.

Saturday morning we got up and headed to Love Valley to ride horses.  If you ever decided to take a trip with me there will always be something interesting to happen.  Before I even moved the horsetrailer we had a flat tire and then one of the horses had pulled a shoe so we had to go all the way back to the house to get another horse.  After three hours of running we finally make it to ride.

Photo: @kct1228 and old man today at the valley

Photo: Janet & Dave at Love Valley today.

Saturday night was another wonderful night full of another exam and 2 papers that were due.

Sunday Chris finally got to come home and we spent the day at church and eating lunch with the family!  Then we spent the evening together, cooked supper, and then it was time for homework again.

Hope everyone had a great weekend also!!


  1. I love your pics... I feel like I say that every time I leave a comment :) I've never been to a Maurice's. I've heard they're great, but I don't think there's one around here!

    1. Thanks! I love taking pictures :-) If you have never tried Maurices I would suggest it. THey have everything from casual to dressy. I never make it to another store because I always spend all my money in there.