Monday, August 11, 2014

A Weekend Recap

This past week has been filled with rain and the weekend started off the same way.  My cousin wanted some senior pictures done before school kicked back in session so I told her we would head down to the local rodeo grounds for a few pictures.  After we got done eating supper we all hopped in the vehicles and headed down to the rodeo.

We were trying to do this in between rain storms.  We got down there and got set up and started taking a few pictures.

Chelbie is not your typical teenager, she loves to drive big trucks, four wheel and just have fun doing anything out doors.  This by far has to be one of the funnest photo shoots I've ever done.  I never stopped laughing.

(L to R) Kate (my sister), Chelbie, Kayleigh (Chhelbie's sister), and Brooke (their step mom)

This shot right here is the one that she was most excited about.  She said this was her in her boots and jean shorts with her favorite jeep.

This is my sister being her normal self.

Kayleigh didn't want here picture taken. 

This was after the truck broke down and Chelbie couldn't get off of the truck with her good boots on so Brook had to play the prince and put rubber boots on Cinderella.

When you are jumping off a truck, make sure you aren't standing in 4 inches of water barefoot.

And to end the night we ended up playing with the kiddy toys.

Saturday morning we had made plans for the past two weeks to go and ride horses, but all of this wonderful rain stuck around all weekend.  So instead of riding we ate with our great friends Janet and Dave and hit the movies for the new movie Lucy.

This movie was great and if you like a little scyfy with some super hero aspects I highly recommend this movie.  The hour and a half will feel like 15 minutes.  I couldn't believe the movie was already over.

Sunday we spend the afternoon after church relaxing and getting ready for the week.

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