Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Free At Last

I never thought I would know the relief of not having tests, papers, and homework due dates lingering over my head seven days a week.

I have been trying to get done with college for the past ten years.  I started out at App State after highschool with every intention of graduating from there.  

When I was in my junior year I was in my third year of Computer Science.  I had always wanted to major in Computer Science but when I got to college and got into it I decided that it was not for me.  I was tired of spending 8 hours a day in the computer lab writing thousands of lines of code.  So in the middle of my first semester of my junior year I decided to change to Computer Information Systems.

Well that wasn't the best idea because i could not transfer into any new classes.  They recommended that I come home for the semester and return in the spring.  Well I ended up getting a full time job and never returned.  Instead I just took classes at the local community colleges.

One of my best friends started attending college at Gardner-Webb night classes.  She said it was a great way to get your degree and work full time.  I enrolled there in 2006 and continued classes for a couple of years until 2008.  I was 2 classes from graduating and life changed very drastically.  My parents were getting a divorce after 28 years of marriage.  It turned my world upside down.

All I cared about was riding horses and working and school took a back burner.  I took a break from college and continued on with life, got married and finally decided it was time to jump back in and finish school.  Since it had been so long since I had been enrolled in college I had to take 11 more classes before I could graduate.

Well the day has finally come that I can say that I am a college graduate.  I'm no longer paying college loans on a degree that I never got.  I have a four year degree in Computer Information Systems and could not be happier.

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