Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Summer Evening on the Farm

I love picking up my camera and heading out on the farm to snap some pictures of how thing currently are.

In a few months the horses will have thick winter coats, the grass will have died, and it will be good and dark by the time I get home in the evenings.

I wanted to soak up a nice summer evening and spend some time walking around and snapping a few shots.

Ernie is getting so big and has been such a blessing to this farm.  I have never met a cat that wants to be a dog so bad. He helps us worm steers and heard the horses around.

Opy and Ernie are best buds and always love playing around with each other.

Daisy and Opy are a mess.  They play like football players and just run and tackle each other and they will roll each other down the hill.  It can be quite comicle to watch at times.

It's hard to believe how far Cole has come since we have had him for just over a year.  He is a horse with a big heart and for just a four year old he is well beyond his years.

The horses were tired of pictures so they decided it was best to head on out.

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