Tuesday, November 11, 2014


It hardly seems like we even had an October before November comes sweeping upon us.  

I love Halloween with the haunted trails and bonfires with friends.  The crisp evenings, hot chocolate, and warm sweaters.  Nothing beats this time of year.

I love buying Christmas presents but I dread the crowds and the ideas that everyone gets that the holidays are all about the gifts. 

We seem to forget Thanksgiving.  It just seems to disappear into the Christmas rush.

This year I want to really savor the Thanksgiving spirit before I even move onto Christmas.  

I want to have a time of being Thankful for everything that we have.  Our families, friends, and jobs.  We tend to float threw life (and I'm the first one to be guilty of this) and not realize how lucky we are.

So for the next few weeks as we come upon Thanksgiving, take time out and just be thankful for how lucky we really are.


  1. Amen! As much as I LOVE Christmas, I always try to remember that Thanksgiving comes before it! It's such a special holiday and it was one of my grandmother's favorites! I always say that Halloween, Thanksgiving, and, Christmas are a trifecta! I love each and every one and can't wait for the next! This time of year is my favorite!

    1. I know I love Thanksgiving. It's the one Holiday when you are with family and can just sit and enjoy spending time with them. It just reminds me every year how lucky we are to have what we do and it's always a refreshing holiday. Christmas is also one of my favs but I just hate so bad that people forget about Thanksgiving and it just seems to get in the way of Christmas most of the time. Trifecta I love it!!