Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Morning Rambles

I wasn't intending for "Monday Morning Ramble" to become an every week thing but that's what it has turned into.  It's just a good way to catch up from the weekend.

I had all the intentions of writing posts and getting them ready for this week but my body had other ideas and I was done by 10PM last night.

Friday night we just grabbed a quick bite with my sister and headed home early because we both had to get up early on Saturday morning.

Saturday afternoon after I got off of work my sister came over and we worked with our new horse "Gen".  She is coming along really nicely but still needs a lot more work. It was to cold to really ride but it was a nice afternoon for a good work out.

I had to stop for a selfie with Cole while catching the horses.

Gen is coming along nicely but still needs some more work in excepting the bit.

To be a mare, she is very laid back and easy going and will give in with a little added asking.

As my sister says you have to tell a mare and ask a gelding.

Saturday night we headed out to eat with one of our best friends for her birthday.  She is the ripe ole age of 25.

After eating a scrumptious meal Chris and I decided to head off to see "American Sniper".  This was after I did some begging because he isn't as big of a movie buff as I am, but since he got to pick the movie he was ok with it.

All I have to say is if you have never seen "American Sniper" I would highly recommend it.  It's got some language, but the point of the story is what these men and women give up to fight for our county.

Sunday morning after church we had some friends over to ride and then enjoyed a great evening of food and more food.

The calves are always curious when we ride by.

Me on Cole and Kate on Gen

Riding with Mark and Lisa

It's so nice having dirt roads and mountain views!

After getting back from the ride the horses and cows always enjoy some hay.  Even though they have plenty of grass they just think they need some hay.

Some good news on the house....

Our footers are dug and poured and our house should be delivered this week!  We are beyond excited and will keep everyone updated on instagram.  @lazelfarm

Last but not least the giveaway...

Thank you everyone that participated and especially to Laura and Ashley for joining in on the giveaway!

The winner is @sweepscoupondiva !  You have 48 hours to contact me at

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