Friday, January 23, 2015

Goals for 2015

I've had to ponder some goals that I have wanted to accomplish and get more serious about this year.  Sometimes I feel like I have 500 different activities going on and it's hard to focus on what I really want to accomplish.

I'm going to break my goals down in different categories based on my hobbies and businesses that I am involved in.

1. Get a professional website up and going.
2. Make professional business cards to handout to clients.
3. Invest in a new professional lens.
4. Attend more rodeos and sporting events to photograph.
5. Get more comfortable doing portraits/family shoots.

Laze L Farm Meat Business
1. Set up a professional website. (I have started this and will launch on March 1)
2. Reorder business cards.
3. Advertise and get our name out around our town.

1. Set up a domain name.
2. Transfer to Wordpress.
3. Blog at least 3 times per week.
4. Sponser a different blog each month.
5. Host my first giveaway. (which is going on now)

Married Life
1. Have one date night per week (just the two of us)
2. Take a vacation together and just leave technology behind.
3. Get settled in our new house and set up a budget.
4. Get Opy a little brother or sister (dog)
5. Decorate our new house.

1. Read through the entire Bible with She Reads Truth
2. Read a new book each month.
3. Walk at least three times each week.
4. Spend time with friends as much as possible.
5. Drop letters in the mail and keep up with pen pals.

Most of these goals are in reach and a lot of them I have already started.  I wanted to keep the goals categorized so I ddin't get them mixed together.  Having a place that I can write this stuff down and be held accountable really helps keep me motivated.

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