Thursday, February 26, 2015

Laying the phone down

When I go to a restaurant I like to people watch.  Most of the time I see people playing on their phones or lap tops.  Even couples, both of them will be playing on their phone acting like they aren't sitting there together.

A lot of times when I sit down at a restaurant the first thing that I do is grab my phone.  It is a lifeline to the world when we are bored.  Our phone has become an extension of our hand and if it is not in our hand at all times, we feel like we are missing something.

I catch myself feeling my back pocket to double check if my phone is there.  If I leave it at home I will turn around and go get it.  How did such a small device become such a big role in our lives.

The last few weeks it has been bothering how bad I was letting social media rule my life.  I was constantly worried about keeping up with my feed on twitter and instagram.  I'm always worried that I'm going to miss a post or something important.  I wish I was as worried about making sure I didn't miss a prayer request from a friend or helping someone that needed help. 

I think social media is a great outlet and way to reach people we never could, I just feel like we let it dictate our lives.  Tonight at supper I decided to be different and lay my phone down.  When we first set down I caught myself flipping through facebook and had to rethink what I was doing.

I layed my phone to the side and had a conversation with my husband.  This led to a conversation with the older couple beside of us.  We learned about their lives, how long they had lived in our little town, and what their kids did for a living.  We talked to them for two hours.  I can't describe to you the feeling of getting to know someone without the use of the phone.

My husband and I made a real connection tonight with a couple.  I love the use of social media and all the great gals I have gotten to know from all over the country.  I can even have a Bible study in my house with someone that lives in Minnesota.  Without social media this wouldn't be possible.

In the next few weeks, think about how much you use social media.  Take a night to just lay your phone down and engage in real conversation.  Take the time to spend a night with your family playing games, just talking, or getting to know someone even better.

The phone will still be there and so will social media.  It's not going anywhere.  That moment that you might miss with getting to know someone won't though. Enjoy the time with out the phone and cherish the memories you make.

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