Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Monday Morning Rambles

 This weekend we were all getting excited because we FINALLY were going to be getting some snow.  So far this year we haven't had anything but a flurry. We spend all weekend getting ready for the cold weather that was coming so we wouldn't be stuck without heat or food.

I found this picture of Chris and I that my father inlaw took of us last year just goofing off.  I actually liked it.

On Saturday morning I had to work.  When I got home we headed out to start getting some more wood in and making sure everything in the pasture looked good.

We had to stop and put up Chris's new mineral feeder that he got for Valentine's day.  He was pretty excited.

On the way to get a load of wood.

After we loaded a few trees in the trailer.  These had sat all summer so they were definitely ready to burn.  It's amazing how much wood we burn.

After we got back, we went ahead and started feeding everything before we left to head out for Valentine's day.  Ernie decided that he needed his picture taken and he wasn't getting enough attention.

I've never met a barn cat that had so much personality.

We hadn't made any real plans for Valentine's Day but Chris decided that he wanted to ride up the mountain and try out a new restaurant.  That sounded like a plan to me so when we got to the restaurant we couldn't even find a parking spot in the parking lot.

He dropped me off at the door and when I went to check in you couldn't even get in the door.  There was over an hour wait, it was freezing outside, and we both hadn't had anything to eat most of the day.

We opted out of this option because we both tend to get ill if we are hungry.  So we took off up the road and found a nice little Italian restaurant and ate there.  I think we ordered one of everything off the menu but it was worth the splurge since it was Valentine's Day.

Overall we had a great weekend and enjoyed spending time together!


  1. Awwww!!! Nothing better than working together to celebrate a holiday. Enjoy these days together and the time spent. They tend to go fast. Did you all end up with a lot of snow?
    Laurie - Country Link
    Country Fair Blog Party Co-Host

    1. We ended up with several inches and it was gone the next day but it was beautiful!