Friday, February 13, 2015

We are so romantic


A moonlight drive through the country side, holding hands and gazing into each others eyes.  A candle lit dinner and a romantic restaurant.  All of these are nice and dandy but about make me want to gag.

Don't get me wrong, there is a time and place to be romantic, but having a paid holiday that you are "required" to buy flowers and get a card can be over rated.

My husband and I use it as a time to try out new restaurants, spend some time together and buy each other a few gifts we have been wanting.  It's almost like another birthday thrown in February.

This year we talked it out and decided we wanted to have an easy day.  Tonight our church was having a Valentine's banquet to help raise money for the youth group.  A couple in our church fixes an AMAZING supper and then we watched "God's Not Dead'.  It was a great way to spend time together and enjoy time with our church family.

Last Friday we visited the Southern Farm Show and Chris stumbled upon a mineral feeder he has been wanting.  It is bigger than we will ever need but we got a killer deal on it.  So we bought him the mineral feed.

Since we are getting a new house, I have been trying to buy things along the way so we don't have to buy so much stuff at one time.  I have been eyeing some side tables at Ikea for a few months and I ordered them this week.


To us this is a romantic way to spend Valentine's day.  On Valentines day we are planning on trying a new restaurant we haven't been to yet to see if it's any good.

Life is to boring to be to serious, so live loosely and take an adventure every now and again, and make your own traditions!

Have a happy Valentines Day!!


  1. How was your Valentines Day weekend?!

    1. It was a really nice weekend and enjoyed a nice supper at a local restaurant. We crashed early because we are old and getting in bed at 9 on a weekend is exciting for us! Hope ya'll had a good Valentine's!

  2. What a fun Valentine's Day! I love the side tables... Decorating a house is so much fun. For valentine's day we helped my parents clean out their garage... Doesn't get much more romantic than that :P

    1. I can't believe you are doing all of that and pregnant! You are like super mom. We hopped in the car and rove about an hour away to a local restaurant and spent the evening together. At least you had a productive Valentine's day :-)