Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Building Our Home | Part 3 | Moving the House

The next step in the house process was getting our house!

It was an exciting day when they came and dug the footers for our house and poured the concrete.

Next they started putting in the sceptic tank and digging the well.  The well ended up being 545 feet deep but we definitely will have plenty of water.

We wanted to make sure we had plenty of water because we are planning on building a barn on the backside of our house and needed plenty of water to water the animals.

Once all of this was put in they brought our house!

It wasn't long after they bought the house the weather went south.  For about 3 weeks we had snow, rain, and more snow.  The ground would stay so wet that you couldn't drive on it so we were delayed for about three weeks.  

I hope we are back on track and hopefully it will just be a few more weeks and we can move it!


  1. 545 feet deep? WOAH! That is so deep haha!

    1. Up here where we live that is not uncommon. His uncles house just a half a mile up the road was almost 650 feet!