Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Morning Rambles

I was so ready to see this weekend.  When it hit 4:59 on Friday my hind end was out the door.  Also I was happy to see some sunshine and rock the aviators.

Friday evening Chris and I went to a small italian restaurant and had an amazing supper!  Then we did some shopping for our new house.  It is getting closer and closer.

Saturday was work as normal, grocery shopping with my two cousins, and Chris cooking supper for us.  It was a nice relaxing day!

Sunday it was almost 70 degrees and since we were in 8 inches of snow a little over a week ago it was a very welcomed day.  After church we went and had lunch with my dad and my grandmother for his birthday.  He is getting married next weekend and I'm super excited about that!

Once we got home I of course had to get some saddle time in.

My father inlaw and I took a short ride up the dirt road and really enjoyed the beautiful sunshine!

The horses were glad to be done and enjoying some grass.

Some more good news: We launched are new farm website this week!  Check it out:

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