Monday, April 20, 2015

The Peony Project | Peace

This is a monthly link-up with the gals over at The Peony Project.  The ladies in the Peony Project are God loving and awesome women.  It's a community where you can ask for prayer, blogging questions, or you just need someone to talk to.  You can find everything with these ladies.  I've met some amazing people in this group and have even gotten to meet some in real life! #sisterhoodofthetravelingpeonies

Peace can be something that we search for our entire lives.  We will do what ever it takes to have peace.  In the midst of a storm we just want to feel at ease.

One of my biggest flaws is that I get caught up in the moment.  I tend to forget about life and live in the moment.  At times I feel like my life is a ship in the middle of the ocean and I am constantly going up and down with the waves.

When life throws us curves and we get caught up and feel like that ship floating in the middle of the ocean there is always something that will be our constant peace and that is God.  He will be that anchor to our ship that will hold us through the storms of life.

His hand will guide the ship to safety and keep the peace.  He will send waves our way that he knows that we can handle.  God gives us what we can handle.  These times are to train us to lean on him.  He wants to be that constant peace for us in the tough times.

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