Friday, July 10, 2015

Cleveland Rodeo | June 2015 - Opening Ceremony

The rodeo has come to town again.  The Cleveland Rodeo was in town and gone again before the blink of an eye.  The cowboys and cowgirls roll into town one trailer at a time, saddle up, perform, and then head on down the road for the next performance.

The rodeo life is a hard life and not for the faint of heart.  It brings a thrill to the eye of the spectator and a heart pounding performance by the athlete.  I'm lucky to be able to capture some of these moments on camera and share them with you.

For the next few weeks I thought it would be fun to break down the different parts of the rodeo.  Some people have never experienced the magic of rodeo and this could be the chance for them to experience that.  The rodeo is rich in history and has entertained spectators for more than a hundred years.

The first part of the rodeo is the opening ceremony.  This is the part of the rodeo where the spectators have a chance to see the horses and cattle that are going to be used in the rodeo.

Even the kids enjoy a chance to dream of being that cowboy that gets to climb on the bull in the bucking shoot.

The roping steers are ready.  They place the straps to protect them from getting rope burn.

The break away calves getting settled in for the big show.

The sights and the sound of the rodeo are like no other.  The crowd is getting settled in, the cowboys and cowgirls getting mounted up for the big opening cereomy, and its time for a rodeo!

Then it's time for Old Glory to fly.  Everyone takes a stand and welcomes her to the arena.

Next all the hats are removed and it's time to pray for safety over the athletes and animals involved in the rodeo.

After the prayer all the contestants enter into the arena for the Grand Entry.  It's a chance for the spectators to meet all the cowboys and cowgirls that are entered into the rodeo!

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