Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Raleigh/Wilmington Trip

 A few weeks ago I took off for the weekend to visit my sister in Raleigh.  I left as soon as I got off on Friday evening and got to her house late on Friday night.

Saturday morning we got up and headed to the beach for the day.  It was so nice to finally have my feet in the sand, beach hair, and no worries for a few hours.

We spent most of the day at Wrightsville beach soaking up the rays, swimming in the ocean (despite all of the shark attacks in North Carolina), and jamming to our favorite music.

After we got rained out at the beach we decided to go and tour the USS North Carolina.  At least most of it is under the ship so it help keep us dry.

A shot of me and my sister at the top of the USS North Carolina.

There is gonna be a picture over load but I just couldn't help not to take all the pictures that I could.

Kate and Nick (my sister's boyfriend) on the deck of the ship.

Inside one of the gunner rooms.

The guys on this shipped worked in very close quarters.  To just get to this room you had to do gymnastic moves to get around.  It was hot and very close quarters and the men and women on the ship definitely risked their lives during WWII.

One of the eating quarters on the ship.

One of the serving areas on the ship.

The kitchen where all of the food was cooked for the soldiers.

The barbor shop.

The press room.

The mail room.

This is a place called the wishing well.  It's a part of the ship that they have turned into a place where you can drop change down  and make a wish.  The pictures doesn't do us justice for how deep this well really is.

The sleeping quarters. 

We were in the turn table of the ship.  This is where the bug guns were stayed and the center of the ship could rotate and shoot at 360 degrees.  The artillery for this gun was the size of an average man.

They even had a dentist office on board.

The view from one of the gun decks toward wilmington.  Just standing on this ship makes you appreciate the history and lives that were sacrificed during the second world war.  They give up a lot to fight for our country and protect us so we can live the life that we do.

 Inside the control room.

After our visit to the USS North Carolina we headed to downtown Wilmington to grab a bite to eat and enjoy a stroll up and down the wharf.  We even took a boat ride to tour Wilmington form the Cape Fear River.

Some of the boats docked along the wharf.

Wilmington is such a cool town to visit and the wharf was magical at night.  There are restaurants all along the wharf, ice cream joints, and plenty of views to keep you busy for hours.

The sunset over the USS North Carolina from the wharf.

A wedding party riding one of the trolleys around Wilmington.

One of the cruise boats that gave tours around Wilmington.

Another sunset picture of the USS North Carolina.

Starting our tour on the Wilmington tour up and down the Cape Fear River.

The court house in Wilmington where part of the tv show "Revolution" was filmed and also "Matlock".

One of the coast guard ships docked in Wilmington.

A floating class room for UNC Wilmington.  At times they take the ship out for up to a month at a time to explore sea life and ship wrecks.

Another view of the USS North Carolina.  On the front deck you can see the tent that is set up. You can get married on the ship! 

Passing under the bridge in Wilmington on the Cape Fear River.

Some of the tug boats used to stear the big boats up and down the Cape Fear River.

One of the large cargo ships unloading.

Another dinner river boat tour. 

Some of the large cranes that unload the ships when they dock.  This was also where parts of Ironman was filmed.

After a crazy day in Wilmington we hit the road back to my sisters house.

Sunday morning we got up and decided to grab lunch with some of my family that lives in Raleigh.  We ate at a cool Mexican restaurant hung out at their house for a little bit and then it was time to come back home.

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