Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Grassy Creek 2015

Grassy Creek is nestled in the mountains of North Carolina on the Virginia line.  It is one of those small quaint towns where you know everyone and the people who live here can trace their generations back by the land they travel by everyday.

Each year we journey up to this beautiful place to spend a weekend on the New River to raise money for Appalachian Therapeutic Riding Program. The weekend is filled with great friends, beautiful scenery, and sore hineys from riding.  We spend time cooking some great meals and telling stories around the campfires. We meet friends from all over and welcome friends we have known for years.

This is the 21st year that this ride has been put on.  I have been lucky enough to attend seven of these 21 years.  Here are a few photos from our weekend spent in such a magical place.

When we first arrive we get to park in this beautiful field surrounded by hundreds of acres of Christmas trees and a beautiful stream that you can listen to at night (and of course to water the horses with)

On Friday morning we were the first ones to arrive.  We got all of the gear set up and took a short ride which turned into four hours and just spent the day taking our time and letting the dogs swim in the river.  On Saturday was the big ride when everyone saddle up and rode.  Thanks to my great friend LaRae, I am able to share a few photos from our ride.

The sunsets and sunrises in this place are never less than breathtaking.  I stumbled out of our horsetrailer early one morning and could not get my phone out quick enough.  I took this picture with my cell phone and could not understand how much beauty could happen.  God designed this place to be a place to share his best brush strokes.  A place to come and relax and renew before heading back into the real world.

On Saturday night we have a huge bonfire that was well over 10 feet tall.  It was definitely need with this being one of the first weekends where the weather was finally dropping down into the 60s at night.  You didn't have to sit close but it was nice and cozy from a distance.

On Sunday morning we get to attend church in the small little white Methodist church that sits up top the hill and overlooks all the beautiful mountains and Christmas tree farms.  The church was built around the turn of the century and still remains true to its roots with the stained glass windows to the original church pews.

After church the members make this fabulous meal from dear roast and veggies to BBQ that they cook all night.  All the desserts to your hearts content and a good afternoon spent socializing with all the other people that are on the ride. After lunch you can take a short ride on a wagon or enjoy another ride on your horse.

My husband finally got to join us on Sunday and we took a shirt ride on the wagon.  We always enjoy the stories that Mr. Halsey tells since he has always lived up in Grassy Creek and shows us his great grandparents farm and all the other stories.  it is so cool to reminisce about what it was like back in the older days and how they made a life living on the New River.

Here are a few more pictures of some of the beautiful scenery around Grassy Creek.

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