Monday, December 28, 2015

Goals from 2015 | How I did

1. Get a professional website up and going. - This just launched
2. Make professional business cards to handout to clients.  This is done and I am even working on newer to match the new website
3. Invest in a new professional lens. - I got a new Canon 24-105 professional lens and even upgraded my camera to a new Canon 5D Mark II
4. Attend more rodeos and sporting events to photograph. I didn't get to as many as I wanted to but I did make it to several rodeos.
5. Get more comfortable doing portraits/family shoots. - I really stepped up in this deparment and really feel comfortable now doing family shoots of all kinds.

Laze L Farm Meat Business
1. Set up a professional website. (I have started this and will launch on March 1)  - This launched and is
2. Reorder business cards. We have new business cards!!
3. Advertise and get our name out around our town. Still working on this one but it is one of our biggest goals for 2016

1. Set up a domain name. Yup, didn't get this one done but I did get my photography blog set up.
2. Transfer to Wordpress. Definitely didn't get done.  Maybe one day. 
3. Blog at least 3 times per week. I did good for awhile but most weeks I managed at least once or twice. 
4. Sponser a different blog each month. I did fairly well on this toward the beginning of the year but fell off toward the end of the year.
5. Host my first giveaway. (which is going on now) I hosted my first giveaway and did it for a journaling Bible and it was a lot of fun.

Married Life
1. Have one date night per week (just the two of us) We do make it a point to eat supper together every night at least Monday - Thursday but date nights didn't happen as often as we would have liked for them to.
2. Take a vacation together and just leave technology behind. For our anniversary we went to Gatlinburg, TN for the weekend and had a blast.
3. Get settled in our new house and set up a budget. We are settled in for the most part and the budget is semi in place but we need to hit it hard in 2016.
4. Get Opy a little brother or sister (dog) We got a new puppy named Andy and he is already 6 months old!
5. Decorate our new house.  The living room is decorated but the bedroom needs some loving.  The other two bedrooms are storage rooms for now but one we are going to turn into an office.

1. Read through the entire Bible with She Reads Truth - I started reading it on my own and not through She Reads Truth.  It was jumping around all over and I couldn't keep up.
2. Read a new book each month. I did pretty good on this one and I have read several new books this year.
3. Walk at least three times each week. Did not get this one done but I have started going to a work out class at least once a week for the last couple of weeks.
4. Spend time with friends as much as possible. This one is important to me and I have made a serious effort for it.
5. Drop letters in the mail and keep up with pen pals Penpals didn't last as long as I would have liked but one of them has turned into an email pen pal.  I did send them all Christmas cards this year!

For the most part I felt like I got a lot of goals accomplised!!

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