Thursday, December 24, 2015

Old Salem

We left early on a Saturday morning and headed about an hour east to a small town called Old Salem.  It was a beautiful foggy morning and I could not resist to capture a few pictures of the gorgeous morning.

Once we got down there and purchased tickets we headed out across this beautiful wooden bridge and snapped a few pictures.

Below are the inlaws.

My mother - in - law captured this photography of Chris and I.

They had the stars hanging from the tops of the wooden bridge and it was beautiful!

This quaint little town has the cutest houses, brick sidewalks and it takes you back in time when life was a lot simpler.

The first stop was the gunsmith shop.  Here they actually hand make guns to the replicas that they have.  The guns are made out of solid pieces of maple and mahogany.  The guys definetely know what they are doing when it comes to making guns.

I was just swooning over the beautiful homes.  This one still has a carriage house attached.

In the center of town they had the public watering hole.  it was a fun place for the kids to enjoy som fresh (city) water and a good picture capturing moment.

The brass band was awesome and was playing time period Christmas carols.

My favorite part of the days was the carriage ride.  I could not get over how majestic the Percheron was (even though I have one of my own) . 



The actors and actresses did a fantastic job of portraying people from that time period.  They even made breads and cookies beside a large fire place.

This barn was built in the early 1800s and moved here from another town.  The detail that went into building this barn in immaculate.

If you are ever around Winstan-Salem, NC i suggest swinging in for a visit.  It will take you back in time to a life where there was no power, the only transportation was horse and buggy, and besides town the closest neighbor was several miles off.

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