Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Weekend Getaway

A few weekends ago me and Chris decided to take off for the day and to head for the mountains.

We of course had to stop for an unhealthy breakfast to fuel up for the three hour road trip.

We started out on the blue ridge parkway driving for several hours.

Then it was off to Mt. Mitchell to explore for the day. Along the way we stopped at several overlooks and attempted to set the self timer on the camera and only got a few decent shots of the two of us.

Next stop was the Mt. Mitchell restaurant for some food before the treck up the hill to the top of the mountain.

We would stop a little bit on the way up to take pictures  I mean breathe because it was all up hill but very worth it when we made it to the top.

It really is steeper than it looks...I promise.

The views were more than gorgeous.  Even though it was a little hazy you could still see forever.  We were so high up there was a 10 degree difference in the temperature from the bottom of the park to the top which is about 5 miles.


I'd have to say that we were pretty worn out especially Chris since he slept the entire 2 1/2 hours home and left me to drive.

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