Thursday, August 14, 2014

Oh Hey Friday | Currently looking forward to...

I have a bad habit of getting addicted to TV shows.  I have so many things DVR that I can't watch TV in the evenings because it is constantly recording something.

A few shows that I'm really looking forward to this fall are:

1. Nashville - This has to be one of my favorite shows.  I'm not a huge fan of main stream country but this show has a lot of originals and all of the artists are fantastic.

2. Night Shift - After Revolution went off the air (I was in major depression mode because it ended abruptly after the second season and wasn't renewed) I got hooked on Night Shift.  This show is about the third shift ER crew and it is always interesting.

3. The Voice - This is always a hit and I can never get enough of this show and the amazing artist that I have discovered because of this show.

A few of my go to TV Shows that I can never get enough of:


  1. I NEED to start watching Nashville! I don't know anyone who doesn't like it. I'm most looking forward to Big Bang Theory. Love your layot!

    1. Nashville has recently become one of my favorite shows! I forgot about Big Bang. I guess I've watched every episode so many times I almost have them memorized. I'm looking forward to the new season if they can get everyone to agree on what they want to be paid. Right now they all want like 1 million per episode so they are all trying to agree on that right now before they start filming! Thanks! It's still a work in progress...

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