Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Building Our Home | Part 2 -| Grading

The next big step in the house process was getting our grading done.  This was a rigorous process but we were very pleased with the outcome.

We knew that we wanted to pay for as much of the house process that we could.  We have saved most of the summer and were able to sell a few steers to get where we needed to be.

Chris and his dad knew a guy that did grading on the side and he was willing to come and do the grading for us.  We showed him around, decided where we wanted to put the house, and he came and got started.

Chris's dad sectioned out 2 acres of the farm and put them strictly in our names.  We are using part of our hay field to put our house on. It will be so beautiful to walk out in the mornings and see the horses and cows grazing.

Here are a few shots of the property before he started the grading.

Looking towards the road.

After he started pulling down a few of the trees.

This will be the view off our back porch.

Clearing a few more trees.  This will be the side of the house and where the drive way and turn around spot will be.

Next he started working on grading the bank down so we would have a nice smooth driveway.  I wanted something that was easy to pull a trailer in and out of and nothing with to big of a slope because I have a car and I didn't want to have to gun it to get up the driveway.

Grading the bank down and hauling 60 dump trucks full of dirt.

The pad is leveled out for the house.

The beginning of our driveway.

I saw the first load of gravel and got so excited!!

Looking up from the road to where the house is going to go.

After all the grading was finished we had to get busy planting grass seed and spreading hay before the rains came and washed it all away.  We spread over 60 square bales and planted lots of grass seed (which means more mowing).

Pulling into the drive way.

The view of where the house is going.

Looking up from the road.

After working hard my father inlaw insisted on me taking his picture with our dog Opy.

So far things have been going great!  We can't wait to continue the process and to finally see our house come together!


  1. Yay for house stuff coming together already! <3 This so reminds me of OK! My view from my back door was similar. We cleared out some of the land & put a mobile home on it next to my husbands dad's house. So much land, it was lovely out there!

    1. I know we couldn't have picked a prettier spot on the farm to put the house! I bet it was gorgeous in Oklahoma! I would just love to visit for a week and get to tour around and see all the national parks and just the mountains out there!