Monday, July 20, 2015

Dupont State Park

Over the fourth of July for the past two years we have visited Dupont State Park to ride horses. Check out Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.

This place is unbeleivable.  There are waterfalls everywhere you go.  I'm not talking about small little waterfalls but waterfalls that are over 100 ft tall and more.

The mountains of western North Carolina have several hundred waterfalls and it was a blast to get to visit a few of them.

The picture below was a man made lake along the trail that we stumbled upon.  Of course Cole had fun playing in the water and getting me soaked.

The first waterfall that we visited was High Falls.  Most of the waterfalls we had to hike to but not to far.  We tied the horses out and took a short walk down to the waterfall to enjoy the views. 

The next falls that we got to visit was Triple Falls..  When I took this picture we were actually standing right above the last fall.  It was cool to look down from on top of a waterfall that close and also to be able to see the other two parts of the falls.

On the way from Triple Falls there is a covered bridge that you can stop and spend some time it.  We stopped a took a few pictures and visited.  The place has so many cool stops it's hard to even describe all of them!

The last waterfall was Bridle Veil Falls.  This waterfall is long and runs along side of a rock that you can hike up and then go behind.

You will get wet but it is totally worth it to get the feeling of being behind the waterfall.

The last small lake that we visited was on the way back to the horse trailer.  

Dupont state park is located in the mountains of western North Carolina and a short drive from Asheville.  Most of the waterfalls have parking lots close by and are a short hike.  If you ever get the chance to visit I highly reccommend it!

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