Wednesday, May 18, 2016

3rd Anniversary Trip to Gatlinburg, TN

We celebrated our 3rd anniversary on May 4.  It's hard to believe I have been married to this guy for three whole years.  Time really does start flying by once you get married.

We first arrived at our hotel in Gatlinburg.  It is right on the river and the views are gorgeous.

We had to snap a few selfies on the balcony before heading out into down town Gatlinburg to walk around.

One of my favorite places to visit is Old Smokey Moonshine Brewery in downtown Gatlinburg.  They have a live bluegrass band playing and you can sit in rocking chairs and listen to the bands play.

We walked around Gatlinbug for several hours and then we came back to the room, took a short nap, and then headed out to grab a bite to eat at the Alamo.  They had some great steaks and we really enjoyed our time.

After eating we decided to take a drive up to Piegeon Forge and check out the night scenery.  They have added a lot of stores since last year so we were excited for Saturday when we got to check all of this out.

As we were leaving Gatlinburg on Saturday morning I looked up and saw these guys repelling down the side of the mountain.  They were doing a lot of road work so they were patching the moutain to keep the rocks from sliding.

Our first stop was French's Boot Store where Chris decided to get some new work boots.

Then we headed to Smoky Mountain Knife Works and walked around for an hour or so and looked at every type of knife you could imagine.

Our next stop was Cades Cove which is an old civilization in the Smokey Mountains of TN.

The drive between Gatlinburg and Cades Cove is beautiful.  The Smokey Mountains are breath taking along as all the livestock we saw on the sides of the road.


Once into Cades Cove we were excited to see some more beautiful scenery.

They do guided trail rides and also hay rides so we had to stop and get a few pictures with the horses.

We got to the first cabin and decided to take a walk up into the woods.  This black crow was just chilling on the post watching us.  It was kind of freaky but beautiful at the same time.

I could have moved into this cabin yesterday.  The views were amazing and it was in the perfect location.  We snapped a few more selfies in front of the cabin.

I mean look at this view.  Who could not wake up to this everyday?

We ran across this old church with a super old graveyard.  It was beautiful to see the architecture inside and how the church pews are a lot different than today.

There was beautiful wild life everywhere!

So right after we saw this sign we saw...

A freaking blackbear cub in the middle of the road.  It was the first time I have ever seen one in the wild.

This was right after the end of tour.  When we made the turn out of the park, the cubs mom was going up the mountain trying to find it.  So in one day we saw to wild bears in the bark.  It was pretty amazing.

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